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I have to say, I’m a little sad that summer’s over. That means rotten rainy weather until next summer unless we get lucky and it snows this winter. I love snow.

But I get to do so many cool things in the summer and my Sis us always around to play with me. I got to go to the beach at least once a week. We go to this awesome beach where the tide goes out real far, like a half mile or something, and we walk all the way out to where the water starts. It’s all nice and sandy and has lots of little pools that are just right for short dips for a hound of my stature. And there’s hardly anyone else around so Bear and I can run and play.

I like to chase and tackle Bear. He can’t even keep up with me anymore coz I am like a wiley coyote! I run tight little circles around him and attack from behind. When we finally get out to the big water, I can go for a real swim. Sometimes the humans go with me, sometimes I just go on my own. One time my Dad had to come out and get me coz I went on a big swim by myself. Everyone was afraid I was going to swim to Japan or something. Too bad Bear doesn’t like to swim, if he did we could go on swimming adventures together.

We went on holidays to a neat place I’ve never been before and Bear and I had lots of fun! We got to stay in a cabin on a big lake with boats and ducks and stuff. We had a really big lawn down to the lake and we could run around all day. That’s another good thing about summer, you get to be outside all the time. I got to suntan with my Sis, then go swimming, or go on hikes through the forests. We went to funny little towns and parks and I met lots of other wiener dogs for some odd reason.

At night time when it got dark, we started a big bonfire and sat by it all night. Bonfires are cool, I like to watch them and they keep me warm. And sometimes my Sis puts me inside her sweat shirt to keep me(or maybe her) warm. Bear was kind of afraid of the fire so he got to stay on a nice warm blank by the bed.

I saw lots of weird animals at a zoo, and my Mom says I’m going to give myself an aneurism (whatever that is) coz I like to bark at all the animals. My Mom and Sis went horseback riding but they wouldn’t let me go. I wanted to go in case they got attached by a bear or a susquatch or some such creature, but alas, they said I would scare the horses too.

One weekend we had a camping birthday party for my Sis. That was good fun too, coz all her friends where there, and they all love to love me. They also like to give me treats and run around with me. We had this great big field, and no one else was around. The only bad part about that weekend, was that I had to be tied up when the teenagers played darts with a life size Justin Bieber poster. I guess that was a good idea though, coz those darts looked pretty sharp. At night we roasted weenies on the fire and I got to share. They said that was kinda like canabilism, I don’t know what that means, but I don’t care coz they taste good.

I thought I was going to go to the Weiner Dog Races too, but again I was left behind. I think I could have beat them all without even trying coz I am a really really fast runner, I’m strong, and I practice a lot. I even have muscles on my muscles. I’m like the Popeye of Weiner Dogs! Anyway, I digress. I was supposed to go but my Mom left it too late to register and then it was full. Then to add insult to injury, the humans had to go on and on about how funny it was and how much fun they had. Sometimes they talk amongst themselves and seem to forget that I’m in the room. I think that’s quite ignorant of them. If it doesn’t involve me, who cares!

Another thing I had to stay home on was the Zombie Walk. I didn’t think that was fair since I even helped my Sis get dressed up. She looked very scary dressed up as a child zombie with blood and guts all over. However I was promised to be able to go next year if I want. I’ll have to start thinking of what a Weiner Dog Zombie would look like!

So, that’s why I’m sad that summer is over. I still get to go for my daily off leash walks with Bear, but just not a much other fun things happen until the snow comes.

Hope you had fun this summer. Did you do anything cool?


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Everyone has been ranting and raving about the Weiner Dog races for ages, so this year I just had to go. Unfortunately my Mom was lax in her duties and failed to register me in time to be one of the racers.

Although I was very upset with her I decided that I would make the best of my situation and study the competition and get a head start on next year’s races.

I have never seen so many Weiner Dogs in one place at one time. There were black ones and brown ones, short ones and fat ones, furry ones and scruffy ones, and there was even a camoflage one.

Game Face

Roxi Getting Her Face On

They all had on their bandanas and racing numbers and they were all quite well behaved! One little guy next to us had a camcorder on his collar. I gotta get me one of those!

Weiner Line Up

Weiner Line Up

So first of all these big humongous horses ran around the outside of this big field with people sitting on their backs, hitting them with a stick of some sort! Some of the other Weiner Dogs got upset with the horses but mostly it was OK. After the horses raced around the track once, the Weiner Dogs got to go.

Gotta get me one a these!

Gotta Get Me One A These!

There were 8 dogs all lined up at the gates and their people had to hold on to them until the bell rang and the gates opened – then the silliness began!

Olive Won the 2nd Race

Once in a while one of the Weiners would do the right thing and run straight, but mostly it was just a free-for-all in the dirt. One little guy named Roger ran in the other direction and just kept going. He ran halfway around the track with his human chasing him the whole way! If they gave prizes for distance, Roger would have won the cup! And one funny fellow named Charlie ran onto the grass in the center and looked very confused as he watched the others to figure out what to do next. He actually came in 3rd (which was pretty good coz only 3 Weiners made it to the finish line). A few pooches had to be picked up and carried. The winner of each race went on to the finals to win the trophy and $1,000 in prize money.

So after every Weiner Dog race there was a horse race since some strange people actually came to see the horses race. At one point we thought we won $100.00 on a horse race, but after a while they did a photo finish and we lost by a nostril. I had plans for that money! Unfortunately we couldn’t stay till the end coz my Sis had an emergency doctor appointment we had to go to.

But I will say, it was great fun and now I know what I have to practice for next year when I plan to kick some serious Weiner Dog butt and take home the trophy!

PS: My sister Caitlin made this video

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Sleep never eludes me!

Being a Weiner Dog in particular and a dog in general, sleeping is an important and big part of my life.

I spend about two thirds of my life sleeping, dozing or napping, so I take sleeping seriously!

My best sleeping is done at night in the big bed. I always get to sleep with either my Sis or by Mom & Dad. I get under the blankies and start out spooning up tight next to someone, then after a while I switch to lying on my back with my legs sticking up. Poor Bear never gets to sleep in the bed, he’s too big, but he’s allowed up to say good morning.

It seems I have super Weiner Dog powers that enables me to sleep for hours without air! Sometimes, though I get too hot and have to come out and give my head a shake. Often when I do this I wake people up when my ears or tail slaps into their faces and sometimes my toenails stick into their backs when I have running dreams.

But it’s all good, coz they never kick me out of bed!

My not so secret vice - SUN

When we all get up we always get to go for a walk to our local bakery to get freshly baked morning muffins for breakfast. By the time we get back and eat it’s just about time for a morning nap. This one usually involves the sun. On good days I lie in the backyard and tan, but if the weather is stinky, my Mom makes me a nest in front of the glass doors where it’s nice and warm.

Usually during the day we go for a car ride, and I like to sun on the back dash when we’re parked and sometimes I sleep on the back seat floor and use the hump as a pillow. Bear usually relaxes on the back seat.

This is my special piece of sleeping art!

Most days my Mom works in her office so I go too just in case she needs my help. Here I get to snooze in another big bed made just for me & Bear. Sometimes when I just want to relax in the office I curl up on my special reclining hole chair (I made this myself!)

In the evenings I like to lounge on the couch and watch TV. I doze off once in a while but I have to keep one eye open in case those dastardly animals that sneak onto my TV screen. They are so ignorant coz when they parade themselves in front of me I find it my duty to scare them away with my ferocious barking, hence a very spotty nap. And if that’s not enough I also have to watch out for that dreaded and evil cat, Melissa Rainbow Johnson, coz she stalks me and lies in wait to jump me if I’m not vigilant.

Relaxing after a hard day!

A few times I have found my snoozing under comfortable things downright dangerous. Once I was minding my own business and relaxing in the clothes hamper buried under stuff and my Mom got ready to toss the hamper down the stairs (she was being lazy). Luckily I poked my head out in time and saved my furry butt! And another time I was checking out the comfort quality under a tarp when we were camping and I narrowly escaped squasage when my Sis almost threw a log at me!

So, as much as I condone all forms of snoozing, a good and necessary fact of life is – you must choose the right bed for the right occasion. That’s why I think of myself as an artist using bed and blankies as my canvas!

Sweet dreams everyrhound!

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Like a furry Charles Manson!

My Mom watches too much CSI on TV. She thinks she’s a profiler or something . . .
she’s tryin to convince people that I profile like a psychopathic wack-a-doodle!
(No offence to Doodles of any other kind.)

Profiling 101 says that when certain traits or characteristics are displayed, there could be trouble brewing.


“HA” I say! Let’s see what this is all about!

Blends into surroundings. No way, people always notice me. They point & squeal when they see me, I always assumed it was from happiness! But I am good at hiding when I want to. Especially under the blankies on the couch or bed, not even the cat can find me! (Sometimes I get sat on though!)

In my defense . . . it's very comfortable!

Being sneaky and destructive. Well no one sees me doing these alleged things I am often accused of. Everyone just assumes it was me who does the bad stuff. I mean after all, it could be Bear who eats my leashes, or digs holes or eats shoes or destroys stuffies (I could go on and on)!

Having a bad temper.I must admit I do have a bit of a short fuse sometimes, but it’s only because I’ve been wronged. Like when animals come on my own TV. They don’t belong there, it’s my TV and they must be put in their place. The same with my walks. Why do other dogs feel a need to intrude upon my walks. I love my walks and I only like to share them with my buddy Bear.

No more spoiled than I have a right to be!

Feeling of entitlement. That’s just silly, I don’t feel entitled. I am entitled! There’s a big difference!

But mostly my Mom says I’d make a good serial killer because I basically do as I please with no regard to the consequences. I say that is completely untrue. I love the consequences! If I started caring about the feelings of others, it might prove disturbing to my fun!

Consequences, Shmonsequeces, I say!
Weiner Dogs Rule!

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My bestest friend ever!

I love Bear dearly, he truly is my BFF, but he hasn’t always been as good as he is now. He used to get in lots of trouble. It’s only since I showed up that Bear suddenly got the rep as being the good guy. That doesn’t seem right to me.

Bear came to live with us in a weird way too.  Mom,Dad & Sis were at an outdoor Critter Care event to help save wild critters when they saw Bear sitting with some random dude. We didn’t have any dogs at the time because their best buddy Sadie died a few months earlier and they were still sad. So they talked to Bear and his owner and the owner said he wanted to get rid of Bear coz he was too old to stud. He was only about 5. So they took him home that day and he became family.

He was a very good boy from the start except he cowered alot. We think his old owner beat him (the creep). His two bad habits were jumping over the fence to escape and eating garbage (the two were often done together). He could jump so high, once he jumped over a 6 foot pool fence without even running and landed on a barbeque!

Roxy, Bear's girlfriend

Often he would run away and make new friends miles away. While he was out, he sometimes got into peoples garbage. One time my Mom got a nasty note under her windshield from a stranger calling us trailer trash and saying they would “beat our faces in” if they saw us! Mom & Dad tried everything to keep him in but he kept escaping.

On one of his adventures he made friends with Roxy the Pit Bull up the street.  The two of them used to escape together and roam the streets. I’m sure they made quite a sight. Roxy stayed with us a fair bit coz her owners were never home. She was my friend too, but mostly Bear’s. They became very good friends indeed since a few months later we were informed that Bear was a Daddy! He had 4 of the cutest Border Collie/Pit Bull  puppies.

You can tell Bear was the daddy!

Unfortunately we couldn’t keep any because we were moving from semi country to a townhouse and there were too many pets already (stupid rules!)

When we moved the number one must have on the list of things the new house must have was high fences going right to the ground! Many places were passed up because of this alone. So now Bear can’t hop over and I can’t weasle under. Foiled again!

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She looks innocent enough!

Well, it pains me to say it, but I am not the boss in my own house. On the bright side neither is my Mom, Dad or Sis, not even my trusted and loyal stepbro Bear.

Truth be told, it’s that damnable CAT!

She’s not very big and she doesn’t make much noise. She doesn’t try to steal my treats or weasle in on my walks.  Her name is Melissa Rainbow Johnson and watch out if you rub her the wrong way.

She has a favorite trick that she plays on me every night. When it’s time to go upstairs to bed, she sneaks up ahead of me and hides around the corner at the top of the stairs so I can’t see her. I know she’s there though and I don’t want to be caught by her. Luckily my Mom stands in between us so that I can run past real fast and jump on top of the bed & get under the blankies.

Bed & Breakfast

Sometimes she sleeps on the bed too, but never under the blankies. If she decides she wants to sit where I’m sitting it’s always safer to move.

She gets special treatments from the humans too. She gets to eat and sleep on the dining room table (when not in use) in her own bed so she can relax in her bed, eat and watch birds out the window. God help the poor human who tries to move her bed or perch.

See, I would get in trouble for this!

Melissa has been around the longest between Bear & me. My Sis made a deal with Mom to get a cat when she was 3 and they went out to adopt a kitty from an ad in the paper. When they got there it turned out that there were 100 cats in this townhouse with a lady. Very weird but Caitlin thought it was cool and investigated all the poor kitties and picked the smallest one and named her Melissa Rainbow Johnson.

So you see, I am not the boss at home, and remember, it is wise to have a healthy respect for kitties coz if you piss them off they’ll whoop your butt real good!

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Ready to go for walks

On the weekend I was the victim of a ruthless dog napping attempt!

Bear and I went for a walk with my Dad to the corner store like we do everyday. I always get tied to a big pole while my dad goes in store.

Bear gets to sit by himself without a leash (because he’s a goody two shoes). I had my brand new leash, I get new one’s every two weeks or so coz I like to chew on them when I’m not wearing them.

I digress, anyway I was sittin there watchin the world go by and some random guy comes up and cuts my leash with a knife. I’m just sittin there confused, and this nice lady that I often see at the store comes up and says to this guy “Hey that’s not your dog!” and the guy boogied. And the lady took me to my dad.

My brand new leash

Well I still don’t really know what was going on, but everyone else seems quite upset about it. Who would do such a thing as steal someones pet. Of course there are lots of stinkweeds out there who just don’t care about anyone but themselves or are addicts or just plain stupid. But it sure affects the family and friends.

I wonder what would have happened if that nice lady wasn’t there. I wonder if Bear would have come to my rescue or would he just be confused too. I’m pretty sure I would put up a pretty good fight coz I don’t really like strangers picking me up for no good reason, but it wouldn’t be good for me to run around the parking lot or the street all by myself.

Bear is really good at finding his way home, so is Melissa (they have both run away before) but I don’t think I could, especially with traffic. Anyway, no good would have come from this for anybody. I hear that sometimes people steal little dogs to get reward money and Pit Bulls for breeding and fighting.

My Mom knows about that coz she had her Pit Bull stolen the same way, from in front of a store about 25 years ago. Her name was Queenie and she was never seen again. Mom talked to and put notices in every vet and everywhere she could think. A week later a vet called and said that someone brought in a dog that matched Queenie’s description and when they confronted her, she took off with Queenie. Queenie had broken ribs.

So, I’m very lucky and so is the nice lady. Must get her name next time I see her and give her a slobbery kiss.

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