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Everyone has been ranting and raving about the Weiner Dog races for ages, so this year I just had to go. Unfortunately my Mom was lax in her duties and failed to register me in time to be one of the racers.

Although I was very upset with her I decided that I would make the best of my situation and study the competition and get a head start on next year’s races.

I have never seen so many Weiner Dogs in one place at one time. There were black ones and brown ones, short ones and fat ones, furry ones and scruffy ones, and there was even a camoflage one.

Game Face

Roxi Getting Her Face On

They all had on their bandanas and racing numbers and they were all quite well behaved! One little guy next to us had a camcorder on his collar. I gotta get me one of those!

Weiner Line Up

Weiner Line Up

So first of all these big humongous horses ran around the outside of this big field with people sitting on their backs, hitting them with a stick of some sort! Some of the other Weiner Dogs got upset with the horses but mostly it was OK. After the horses raced around the track once, the Weiner Dogs got to go.

Gotta get me one a these!

Gotta Get Me One A These!

There were 8 dogs all lined up at the gates and their people had to hold on to them until the bell rang and the gates opened – then the silliness began!

Olive Won the 2nd Race

Once in a while one of the Weiners would do the right thing and run straight, but mostly it was just a free-for-all in the dirt. One little guy named Roger ran in the other direction and just kept going. He ran halfway around the track with his human chasing him the whole way! If they gave prizes for distance, Roger would have won the cup! And one funny fellow named Charlie ran onto the grass in the center and looked very confused as he watched the others to figure out what to do next. He actually came in 3rd (which was pretty good coz only 3 Weiners made it to the finish line). A few pooches had to be picked up and carried. The winner of each race went on to the finals to win the trophy and $1,000 in prize money.

So after every Weiner Dog race there was a horse race since some strange people actually came to see the horses race. At one point we thought we won $100.00 on a horse race, but after a while they did a photo finish and we lost by a nostril. I had plans for that money! Unfortunately we couldn’t stay till the end coz my Sis had an emergency doctor appointment we had to go to.

But I will say, it was great fun and now I know what I have to practice for next year when I plan to kick some serious Weiner Dog butt and take home the trophy!

PS: My sister Caitlin made this video


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