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I have to say, I’m a little sad that summer’s over. That means rotten rainy weather until next summer unless we get lucky and it snows this winter. I love snow.

But I get to do so many cool things in the summer and my Sis us always around to play with me. I got to go to the beach at least once a week. We go to this awesome beach where the tide goes out real far, like a half mile or something, and we walk all the way out to where the water starts. It’s all nice and sandy and has lots of little pools that are just right for short dips for a hound of my stature. And there’s hardly anyone else around so Bear and I can run and play.

I like to chase and tackle Bear. He can’t even keep up with me anymore coz I am like a wiley coyote! I run tight little circles around him and attack from behind. When we finally get out to the big water, I can go for a real swim. Sometimes the humans go with me, sometimes I just go on my own. One time my Dad had to come out and get me coz I went on a big swim by myself. Everyone was afraid I was going to swim to Japan or something. Too bad Bear doesn’t like to swim, if he did we could go on swimming adventures together.

We went on holidays to a neat place I’ve never been before and Bear and I had lots of fun! We got to stay in a cabin on a big lake with boats and ducks and stuff. We had a really big lawn down to the lake and we could run around all day. That’s another good thing about summer, you get to be outside all the time. I got to suntan with my Sis, then go swimming, or go on hikes through the forests. We went to funny little towns and parks and I met lots of other wiener dogs for some odd reason.

At night time when it got dark, we started a big bonfire and sat by it all night. Bonfires are cool, I like to watch them and they keep me warm. And sometimes my Sis puts me inside her sweat shirt to keep me(or maybe her) warm. Bear was kind of afraid of the fire so he got to stay on a nice warm blank by the bed.

I saw lots of weird animals at a zoo, and my Mom says I’m going to give myself an aneurism (whatever that is) coz I like to bark at all the animals. My Mom and Sis went horseback riding but they wouldn’t let me go. I wanted to go in case they got attached by a bear or a susquatch or some such creature, but alas, they said I would scare the horses too.

One weekend we had a camping birthday party for my Sis. That was good fun too, coz all her friends where there, and they all love to love me. They also like to give me treats and run around with me. We had this great big field, and no one else was around. The only bad part about that weekend, was that I had to be tied up when the teenagers played darts with a life size Justin Bieber poster. I guess that was a good idea though, coz those darts looked pretty sharp. At night we roasted weenies on the fire and I got to share. They said that was kinda like canabilism, I don’t know what that means, but I don’t care coz they taste good.

I thought I was going to go to the Weiner Dog Races too, but again I was left behind. I think I could have beat them all without even trying coz I am a really really fast runner, I’m strong, and I practice a lot. I even have muscles on my muscles. I’m like the Popeye of Weiner Dogs! Anyway, I digress. I was supposed to go but my Mom left it too late to register and then it was full. Then to add insult to injury, the humans had to go on and on about how funny it was and how much fun they had. Sometimes they talk amongst themselves and seem to forget that I’m in the room. I think that’s quite ignorant of them. If it doesn’t involve me, who cares!

Another thing I had to stay home on was the Zombie Walk. I didn’t think that was fair since I even helped my Sis get dressed up. She looked very scary dressed up as a child zombie with blood and guts all over. However I was promised to be able to go next year if I want. I’ll have to start thinking of what a Weiner Dog Zombie would look like!

So, that’s why I’m sad that summer is over. I still get to go for my daily off leash walks with Bear, but just not a much other fun things happen until the snow comes.

Hope you had fun this summer. Did you do anything cool?


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