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Sleep never eludes me!

Being a Weiner Dog in particular and a dog in general, sleeping is an important and big part of my life.

I spend about two thirds of my life sleeping, dozing or napping, so I take sleeping seriously!

My best sleeping is done at night in the big bed. I always get to sleep with either my Sis or by Mom & Dad. I get under the blankies and start out spooning up tight next to someone, then after a while I switch to lying on my back with my legs sticking up. Poor Bear never gets to sleep in the bed, he’s too big, but he’s allowed up to say good morning.

It seems I have super Weiner Dog powers that enables me to sleep for hours without air! Sometimes, though I get too hot and have to come out and give my head a shake. Often when I do this I wake people up when my ears or tail slaps into their faces and sometimes my toenails stick into their backs when I have running dreams.

But it’s all good, coz they never kick me out of bed!

My not so secret vice - SUN

When we all get up we always get to go for a walk to our local bakery to get freshly baked morning muffins for breakfast. By the time we get back and eat it’s just about time for a morning nap. This one usually involves the sun. On good days I lie in the backyard and tan, but if the weather is stinky, my Mom makes me a nest in front of the glass doors where it’s nice and warm.

Usually during the day we go for a car ride, and I like to sun on the back dash when we’re parked and sometimes I sleep on the back seat floor and use the hump as a pillow. Bear usually relaxes on the back seat.

This is my special piece of sleeping art!

Most days my Mom works in her office so I go too just in case she needs my help. Here I get to snooze in another big bed made just for me & Bear. Sometimes when I just want to relax in the office I curl up on my special reclining hole chair (I made this myself!)

In the evenings I like to lounge on the couch and watch TV. I doze off once in a while but I have to keep one eye open in case those dastardly animals that sneak onto my TV screen. They are so ignorant coz when they parade themselves in front of me I find it my duty to scare them away with my ferocious barking, hence a very spotty nap. And if that’s not enough I also have to watch out for that dreaded and evil cat, Melissa Rainbow Johnson, coz she stalks me and lies in wait to jump me if I’m not vigilant.

Relaxing after a hard day!

A few times I have found my snoozing under comfortable things downright dangerous. Once I was minding my own business and relaxing in the clothes hamper buried under stuff and my Mom got ready to toss the hamper down the stairs (she was being lazy). Luckily I poked my head out in time and saved my furry butt! And another time I was checking out the comfort quality under a tarp when we were camping and I narrowly escaped squasage when my Sis almost threw a log at me!

So, as much as I condone all forms of snoozing, a good and necessary fact of life is – you must choose the right bed for the right occasion. That’s why I think of myself as an artist using bed and blankies as my canvas!

Sweet dreams everyrhound!


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