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Like a furry Charles Manson!

My Mom watches too much CSI on TV. She thinks she’s a profiler or something . . .
she’s tryin to convince people that I profile like a psychopathic wack-a-doodle!
(No offence to Doodles of any other kind.)

Profiling 101 says that when certain traits or characteristics are displayed, there could be trouble brewing.


“HA” I say! Let’s see what this is all about!

Blends into surroundings. No way, people always notice me. They point & squeal when they see me, I always assumed it was from happiness! But I am good at hiding when I want to. Especially under the blankies on the couch or bed, not even the cat can find me! (Sometimes I get sat on though!)

In my defense . . . it's very comfortable!

Being sneaky and destructive. Well no one sees me doing these alleged things I am often accused of. Everyone just assumes it was me who does the bad stuff. I mean after all, it could be Bear who eats my leashes, or digs holes or eats shoes or destroys stuffies (I could go on and on)!

Having a bad temper.I must admit I do have a bit of a short fuse sometimes, but it’s only because I’ve been wronged. Like when animals come on my own TV. They don’t belong there, it’s my TV and they must be put in their place. The same with my walks. Why do other dogs feel a need to intrude upon my walks. I love my walks and I only like to share them with my buddy Bear.

No more spoiled than I have a right to be!

Feeling of entitlement. That’s just silly, I don’t feel entitled. I am entitled! There’s a big difference!

But mostly my Mom says I’d make a good serial killer because I basically do as I please with no regard to the consequences. I say that is completely untrue. I love the consequences! If I started caring about the feelings of others, it might prove disturbing to my fun!

Consequences, Shmonsequeces, I say!
Weiner Dogs Rule!


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My bestest friend ever!

I love Bear dearly, he truly is my BFF, but he hasn’t always been as good as he is now. He used to get in lots of trouble. It’s only since I showed up that Bear suddenly got the rep as being the good guy. That doesn’t seem right to me.

Bear came to live with us in a weird way too.  Mom,Dad & Sis were at an outdoor Critter Care event to help save wild critters when they saw Bear sitting with some random dude. We didn’t have any dogs at the time because their best buddy Sadie died a few months earlier and they were still sad. So they talked to Bear and his owner and the owner said he wanted to get rid of Bear coz he was too old to stud. He was only about 5. So they took him home that day and he became family.

He was a very good boy from the start except he cowered alot. We think his old owner beat him (the creep). His two bad habits were jumping over the fence to escape and eating garbage (the two were often done together). He could jump so high, once he jumped over a 6 foot pool fence without even running and landed on a barbeque!

Roxy, Bear's girlfriend

Often he would run away and make new friends miles away. While he was out, he sometimes got into peoples garbage. One time my Mom got a nasty note under her windshield from a stranger calling us trailer trash and saying they would “beat our faces in” if they saw us! Mom & Dad tried everything to keep him in but he kept escaping.

On one of his adventures he made friends with Roxy the Pit Bull up the street.  The two of them used to escape together and roam the streets. I’m sure they made quite a sight. Roxy stayed with us a fair bit coz her owners were never home. She was my friend too, but mostly Bear’s. They became very good friends indeed since a few months later we were informed that Bear was a Daddy! He had 4 of the cutest Border Collie/Pit Bull  puppies.

You can tell Bear was the daddy!

Unfortunately we couldn’t keep any because we were moving from semi country to a townhouse and there were too many pets already (stupid rules!)

When we moved the number one must have on the list of things the new house must have was high fences going right to the ground! Many places were passed up because of this alone. So now Bear can’t hop over and I can’t weasle under. Foiled again!

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