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She looks innocent enough!

Well, it pains me to say it, but I am not the boss in my own house. On the bright side neither is my Mom, Dad or Sis, not even my trusted and loyal stepbro Bear.

Truth be told, it’s that damnable CAT!

She’s not very big and she doesn’t make much noise. She doesn’t try to steal my treats or weasle in on my walks.  Her name is Melissa Rainbow Johnson and watch out if you rub her the wrong way.

She has a favorite trick that she plays on me every night. When it’s time to go upstairs to bed, she sneaks up ahead of me and hides around the corner at the top of the stairs so I can’t see her. I know she’s there though and I don’t want to be caught by her. Luckily my Mom stands in between us so that I can run past real fast and jump on top of the bed & get under the blankies.

Bed & Breakfast

Sometimes she sleeps on the bed too, but never under the blankies. If she decides she wants to sit where I’m sitting it’s always safer to move.

She gets special treatments from the humans too. She gets to eat and sleep on the dining room table (when not in use) in her own bed so she can relax in her bed, eat and watch birds out the window. God help the poor human who tries to move her bed or perch.

See, I would get in trouble for this!

Melissa has been around the longest between Bear & me. My Sis made a deal with Mom to get a cat when she was 3 and they went out to adopt a kitty from an ad in the paper. When they got there it turned out that there were 100 cats in this townhouse with a lady. Very weird but Caitlin thought it was cool and investigated all the poor kitties and picked the smallest one and named her Melissa Rainbow Johnson.

So you see, I am not the boss at home, and remember, it is wise to have a healthy respect for kitties coz if you piss them off they’ll whoop your butt real good!


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Ready to go for walks

On the weekend I was the victim of a ruthless dog napping attempt!

Bear and I went for a walk with my Dad to the corner store like we do everyday. I always get tied to a big pole while my dad goes in store.

Bear gets to sit by himself without a leash (because he’s a goody two shoes). I had my brand new leash, I get new one’s every two weeks or so coz I like to chew on them when I’m not wearing them.

I digress, anyway I was sittin there watchin the world go by and some random guy comes up and cuts my leash with a knife. I’m just sittin there confused, and this nice lady that I often see at the store comes up and says to this guy “Hey that’s not your dog!” and the guy boogied. And the lady took me to my dad.

My brand new leash

Well I still don’t really know what was going on, but everyone else seems quite upset about it. Who would do such a thing as steal someones pet. Of course there are lots of stinkweeds out there who just don’t care about anyone but themselves or are addicts or just plain stupid. But it sure affects the family and friends.

I wonder what would have happened if that nice lady wasn’t there. I wonder if Bear would have come to my rescue or would he just be confused too. I’m pretty sure I would put up a pretty good fight coz I don’t really like strangers picking me up for no good reason, but it wouldn’t be good for me to run around the parking lot or the street all by myself.

Bear is really good at finding his way home, so is Melissa (they have both run away before) but I don’t think I could, especially with traffic. Anyway, no good would have come from this for anybody. I hear that sometimes people steal little dogs to get reward money and Pit Bulls for breeding and fighting.

My Mom knows about that coz she had her Pit Bull stolen the same way, from in front of a store about 25 years ago. Her name was Queenie and she was never seen again. Mom talked to and put notices in every vet and everywhere she could think. A week later a vet called and said that someone brought in a dog that matched Queenie’s description and when they confronted her, she took off with Queenie. Queenie had broken ribs.

So, I’m very lucky and so is the nice lady. Must get her name next time I see her and give her a slobbery kiss.

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