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Sleep is good for your health

To be fair to me, I’m not the only puppy to misbehave, what sets me apart is that I managed to do all these things and get away with them.

The trick is (and it’s really the only trick I know, besides playing deaf) is to be so darn cute the humans forgive me.


Top 5 Bad Habits (in no particular order)

  • Peeing where I please
  • Sleeping in bed under blankets
  • Going off my nut
  • Chewing everything
  • Doing my deaf dog trick

    It started innocently

As with most bad habits, mine started out as mere hobbies, things to keep me amused when I didn’t have the full attention of the humans. Like chewing things.

Again, in defense of me the humans did, in fact give me things to chew. How was I to know what was good chewing and what was bad chewing. I was just a baby, what do I know from shoes and purses and pillows and chair legs.

This took a lot of work

My favorite was also my Dad’s favorite – the LazyBoy recliner. In the end, all of us furry ones benefited from my behavior. The hole got so big the Dad had to replace the

My work benefits all

chair and luckily my Sister insisted on keeping the chair in her room for us,
so now we have a really comfy hole chair.

As for this peeing business, I go outdoors lots of times. The majority of times in fact (maybe). It’s just that it’s so much easier to go indoors, the humans do. I do get yelled at and threatened with obedience classes but in the end it works out pretty good for me!

And I defy anyone to say sleeping in the bed under the blankets is bad!

I have never seen any of the humans sleeping on the floor, EVER. Sometimes they sleep on the couch, but then I am often encouraged to come and sleep with them. It’s so confusing!

Thankfully I am allowed to sleep in the middle of the bed & I particularly like lying on my back.

Could someone hand me another pillow?

Every few hours however I find myself roasting under the blankets and I have to crawl out from under give a good head and full body shake then decide whether to go back under or lie on top for a while.  Life is good! I do have some issues with that cat though (we’ll discuss that later).

Pardon, did someone say something to me, huh I guess not. Oh sorry I was busy and didn’t hear you. No I’m not ignoring you, I don’t understand you.

Unfortunately this trick doesn’t really work anymore. I have been found out, they know I’m not deaf or stupid. I think I gave my trick away by not being consistent. I always heard car keys the dog treat jar and shoes being put on. So now I work with the humans to a certain extent and everyone is happy.

I guess this last one – about going off my nut – might have some truth in it. I will admit that I get a wee bit riled up by certain things. I wouldn’t want to bore you with a list, but I do feel a few are justified.

This truly bothers me!

Like animals on the TV – dogs, cats, elephants, dolphins, kangaroos, flamingos – what is going on!! I just want to relax on the couch and watch TV and the next thing you know some animal has entered my space. The nerve! – some come back time and time again (I hate those ones), but  all are scared off  in less than 1 minute – by yours truly. See, justified.

I will admit that I have to try a little bit harder to not go off my nut when I see other dogs on my walks or car rides. It’s just that I want the whole world to just consist of my family. I mean, I’m fine when it’s just us but the humans keep telling me that I’m an embarrassment. That’s not very nice.

Anyway, I admit I have a few faults but the only thing that really matters is that I’m cute and lovable. It works for me!


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Learning to swing!

Up until this point my whole life was just Me & Hank and a whole bunch of people that pulled our ears and squeeled how cute we were. But they always left.

Mom & Caitliln always came back. Sometimes they’d bring Bear and sometimes they took me for short walks. And then that happy day when we all went home.  I didn’t know there were others living there too. I already kinda knew Bear, but I was unprepared for Moose & Melissa. The cats!

They really didn’t know what to make of me, until then they ruled the house and here I was getting all their attention.  Mostly they stayed clear, but always kept an eye on me, I don’t think they ever slept. Moosie was a big lovable lump, he weighed 20 pounds, more than me when I grew up. Moosie was a rescued stray and he was so happy to have a nice home. Melissa however was kind of mean to me. (She still is but don’t let her know or she’ll sneak up and scare me!)

I’ve been told I was quite a menace, eating everything and peeing & pooing everywhere, so the big people bought me a playpen. Well I didn’t like this coz I had lived my whole life in a playpen at the fish store and I wanted to be free.  It took me 2 days to eat a hole in the playpen. The adults covered up the hole with duct tape so I made other holes. They gave up and let me have run of the house!

My Best Buddy BearBear

It was great, I was so small I could hide all over the place. I even got to go out in the big backyard and play with Bear. He was so good to me, acting like my big brother and we started to all go on walks together. We lived in a pretty rural area with not many houses or traffic so I got to always be off leash . On our first walk around the block I could only go a few hundred yards and then I would get carried. I didn’t mind that at all! But each day I walked farther and farther and within a week I could pretty much do the whole block.

One day on our walk a neighbors pit bull got out of her yard and chased me down the street. I was so scared, I ran so fast, squeeling at the top of my lungs. Mum saved me and Dad took the other dog home. It turned out that the other dog, who we named Roxy (her real name was Texas) was very nice and we ended up being really good friends. (Bear actually had babies with her! that’s another story!)

So, if this was going to be my new life – I was likin’ it! I had lots of toys, yummy food, new friends and best of all – lots of cuddlin’ & lovin’!

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Who could resist me?? I'm the bottom one!!

I am told that I existed long before I was born.

How is that possible you say?

Well my Mum had a dream long ago when she was about 10 years old about having a Weiner Dog whose name was Henri. In this dream she envisioned rolling her Weiner Dog up like a tire and rolling him down the street. She doesn’t remember much more of the dream and has no idea why she had the dream. There were no Weiner Dogs in her life then or ever – until me!

So many, many moons later, Mum and my 10 year old sister Caitlin were at Fishworld – a store they frequented often since Caitlin was seriously into fish & geckos.

Geckos playing dead!

Well, one day when they went, there I was in a playpen with my brother. We was about 2 months old.

We of course were so cute and they cuddled us and Mum remembered her dream and named me Henri and my brother Hank. They started going to Fishworld every day but just to see us. I was the favorite. They took me for walks. Eventually they brought my Dad who agreed that I was very cute, but there was no way ever that we were getting another dog. They already had Bear who is a Border Collie/Kelpi mix. “AND CERTAINLY NOT A WEINER DOG”, my Dad said.

Luckily for me Mum and Caitlin had fallen in love with me and they tortured Dad. Caitlin made up songs about me. They begged, they pleaded, they promised the moon, but Dad was having none. It got to the point that he would wait in the car while Mum and Caitlin visited and then came back and gushed about how cute I was. I gave them my best stuff!

Eventually Dad was out numbered & out played and he gave in!!!!!

Mum and Sis were so happy and so began my life of being Henri!

If you have a story about how you were named, I’d love to hear about it!

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